Blendtec Warranty Repair Form

We are sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your Blendtec blender.  Please note that you should only fill out this form after having spoken to your official distributor within the country you are located as they can offer techical support over the phone which may result in a quicker fix.

Please be as detailed as possible in the form below as this will greatly speed up processing & repair time.

Once a warranty claim has been approved, we will send you a prepaid priority shipping label via e-mail.  Please print this out, attach it to a parcel and drop it off at your local post office.

Warranty repairs incl. shipping are free of charge during your warranty.

Caution: If your unit was identified to not be covered under warranty (i.e. accidental damage, commercial use or no defect present), we reserve the right to charge a €70 fee to cover shipping and administrative costs.


The blender serial number can be found on the under-side of your blender.

If you have a commercial unit, please contact ' Beyond The Bean' for assistance.

The cycle count is shown on the LCD display and increases every time you use a blender. This is required for our statistics and shows you what a great investment your Blendtec blender has been.